We recommend a 5/0 (Ribbed Willy & Slick Willy) to 3/0 (Atomic Wedgie & Wild Willy) size extra wide gab off set shank hook for best results. To get the best results with movement, direct tie the hook to the line/leader.

Step 1: Centre hook on nose of lure with shank facing away from top (flat side) and start to push in.


Step 2: Allow the natural sweep of the hook to draw the point out the slotted area on the bottom of the lure.


Step 3: Continue pulling the hook through the lure until you reach the 2nd part of the offset on the shank.

Step 4: At this point, turn the hook around, keeping the eye in the lure as an anchor.


Step 5: Landmark where the bend in the hook lines up with the lure with your thumb- this is the point of entry for the hook!

Step 6: Enter the hook point back into the lure in the slot at the bottom of your landmark location. CAUTION: HOOKS ARE SHARP!


Step 7: Push the hook through the bait  and onto the top (flat) surface of the lure. Ensure that the bait lies flat for standard ‘walk the dog’ and jumping motions!

Step 8: For WEEDLESS hooking, pinch the lure and skin the hook point!

Step 9: Admire what you have created for a short time then get fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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