A family run business based out of Toronto Ont. Canada
We don’t offer many products because we believe that the ones we have fulfill the majority of an angler’s needs. 
We definitely won’t try to tell you what type of rod or reel or terminal tackle to use. If you’ve arrived at this page you already have a system in place. We will say that these lures will work on their own, with a light nose weight, or as an added value trailer for buzz and spinner setups you likely already have, if that’s what you prefer.
I became involved with this product after seeing some of the videos, in the middle of a Canadian winter, and was impressed. OK, very impressed. To quote an old cheesy commercial: ‘I liked the company so much, I bought it’. 
Docs Lures started out as a salute to my father, Art Corcoran. In my childhood, he would let me use one lure in particular but with the caveat that ‘You better not loose it’ attached. I was so careful with that stupid wooden lure that I have it to this day, 50+ years later. One day I decided to make a copy so I could fish it again. After busting out the vernier calipers, drill driven lathe and carving knives a had a pretty good copy. I ended up having to make a few more for family and one thing led to another until Docs Lures became a small business/hobby-heavy on the hobby side.
My Lures were based on movement, solid colour and silhouette. When I saw the design of the Black Mambas I knew they had it right. These lures won’t win a beauty pageant for the buyer but I can say, based on success, that they look very good to a hunting fish. When hooked right, these lures move just like a bait fish-please visit my You-tube channel to see- and I’ve had nothing but positive response from lures sold to date.
I hope you’ll give them a try, they are competitively priced, and could replace most of the beauty queens you have rusting in your tackle box.  

Your’s truly,

Rick Corcoran
Docs Lures Inc  

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